Stories - Testimonials

Stories - Testimonials

As an executive coach this report is a huge accelerant to the coaching process. This is a tool to rapidly engage and focus both the executive and the coach on the crucial issues affecting performance.

Murray Wade, President
Red Line Advisors, Inc.

The Birkman Method has been invaluable in helping identify individuals with specific skills and leadership talents to assist us in accomplishing our goals and maintaining the high standards we have set for customers, employees, and stockholders.

Drayton McLane, Chairman & Owner
McLane Group (Temple, TX)
Houston Astros (Houston, TX)


The Birkman Method is by far the most comprehensive, user-friendly assessment I have come across in my career. It goes beyond personality and drives deeper to unearthing hidden motivators, identifying ideal job fit and career-pathing and illuminates potential conflict areas. The reporting options are terrific and provide wonderful tools for managers and associates to utilize in growing both individually and as teams. I highly recommend The Birkman Method for any person or business interested in using a tool that can assist them in their personal and professional growth.

Mindy Czuchra, Director
Large Retailer, Corporate Logistics University
Bentonville, Arkansas

I would like to personally thank you for such a wonderful tool, as it has helped many of our staff in understanding each other. For some, a whole history of struggles and conflicts suddenly began to make sense and The Birkman Method provided the understanding. As for me, it has helped in understanding many HR issues as I reviewed the many HR problems we have had in the last five years. One significant understanding was with regards to a problem we had in one of the teams where all of a sudden (one year ago), every member of that team came to HR to express the intention to resign due to conflicts in the team. They managed to hang on and today they are still on staff. But The Birkman Method has helped me and the former team leader to understand what happened and the issues that were at play at that time to create such a big team crisis. 

Herbert Tan, Human Resources Manager


The Birkman Method opens a very positive door to exploring the ability to see and move through change.  I have given Birkman to several very dynamic individuals who are in the midst of change and are resisting it.  With Birkman I have found a way to affirm their strengths and provide a doorway to seeing the possibilities of moving more productively through change and the acquisition of new skills which would only grow their own leadership style and success as well as those they impact.

Bobbie Goheen, President
Synthesis Management Group