The Birkman Method

Introduction - History/Validation

For most of us success in careers and in the organizations that we work will largely be a function of our skills in understanding ourselves and those we interact with. In business and life today much of our time is spent working with and through people to accomplish goals. Thus, people skills are one of the most critical you can develop. The alternative is intuition or “gut feeling.” Most who rely on intuition will be limited in their ability to predict human behavior with a high degree of skill and accuracy required in the modern workplace.
We spend our lives observing human behavior and attempting to interpret what we've seen. We ask ourselves why a person is doing what he/she is doing and then make countless efforts to try and predict why. Our actions and reactions are based on the intuitive understanding (our own perceptions learned and otherwise) we've developed about others, and sometimes even ourselves. For most of us intuitive skills may be inadequate.
The Birkman Method® (www.birkman.comis a multi-dimensional assessment integrating behavioral, motivational, and occupational data. Developed through scientific methodologies it has been in use for over 50 years and experienced by over 2 million people and 8,000 organizations worldwide.  The Birkman Method® measures social behaviors, underlying expectations and preferences of how interpersonal actions and tasks should be carried out, potential stress reactions to expectations and preferences left unmet, and occupational interests preferences. Back by decades of research and use The Birkman Method® has unparalleled insight and accuracy for individual, team, and organizational management.    

Services and Fees

The questionnaire and reporting for The Birkman Method® is available online. If you are a company or an individual interested in using The Birkman Method® contact or call 800-215-2760. Use of the comprehensive in-depth reporting for The Birkman Method® requires Birkman Certification Training or the oversight of a Birkman Certified professional. For a reporting option that does not require Certification Training or the oversight of a Certified professional please read the next paragraph.

The Coaching Report powered by The Birkman Method® is a concise report capturing the comprehensive measurement power of The Birkman Method® in easy to understand and actionable terms. Use of this report and the BirkmanDirect online system does not require Birkman Certification Training. The Coaching Report covers key competencies, such as: communicationworking in teams, and handling change. The Coaching Report helps focus and guide the coaching process through rich descriptive and prescriptive narrative. It is a tool to rapidly engage both the coachee and the coach on crucial issues affecting performance. The Coaching Report is available for $49.99 per person.   

Get Started

If you are a management consultant, a coach, or corporate T&D/OD/HR professional contact Birkman today to begin using the Coaching Report or to get your own free Coaching Report for evaluation contact Birkman (; 800-215-2760).

Use of the comprehensive, in-depth reporting of The Birkman Method® requires the assistance of a Birkman Certified consultant or completion of Level I Birkman Certification Training. Certification Training is for those coaches, consultants, and companies who wish to use the in-depth, comprehensive reporting capabilities of The Birkman Method®. Certification Training provides a deeper understanding of the scales, constructs, and language within The Birkman Method®. Successful completion of Certification Training gives online access - via BirkmanDirect® - to over 40 different individual, group, and organizational reports that can be applied from hire-to-retire. For more information about The Birkman Method® or Level I Birkman Certification Training contact contact Birkman (; 800-215-2760). To learn more about Certification Training contact the Birkman Training Department (; 800-215-2760) or go online here to read more and view upcoming training dates.