Think of a time when...

  • you experienced frustration when trying to talk to another person
  • they just didn't seem to understand what you were trying to say, no matter how hard you tried

Now, think of a time when...

  • you really connected with another person and amazing things happened
  • you built off each other's ideas
  • the conversation flowed easily
  • you achieved the result you were hoping for.

This online interactive inventory will assess your communication style and provide pointers on how to communicate best with others for better results.

History - Validation

The PCSI was developed by Dr. Lee Smith and Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom for CoachWorks International, Dallas, Texas USA.  It has been used since 1996 with thousands of individuals.  It is the first coaching instrument developed by coaches for the coaching industry.  Drs. Smith and Sandstrom saw a need for understanding and mastery of interaction styles from the coaching context.

This inventory is not a psychological/personality tool.  It is intended to be a self-inventory where people designate how they want to give and receive feedback and advice.  It is best used as a snapshot of how individuals can have effective communcation in relationships. While similar to other four quadrant styles, and there are many, it has the distinction of being beneficial to coaches in every industry, including personal coaches, coach managers, executive coaches or self-coaches.

Services and Fees

We are currently making some adjustments to our automated online payment system.  To purchase the ePCSI please send an email to ClientServices.Dept@CoachU-HQ.com and we will work with you to process your request.

The PCSI self-assessment is taken on-line through this site for a fee of $20.


Click here for a sample of PCSI results.

For further information about using ePCSI, email ClientServices.Dept@CoachU-HQ.com