How Do I Become a Coach?

How Do I Become a Coach?

CoachInc offers training and education for future coaches through Coach U and Corporate Coach U. Our commitment to go beyond our clients' expectations and industry standards has enabled us to become the largest provider of coaching training and education worldwide.

Coach U
Our training programs are the most comprehensive and effective training programs for new and experienced coaches worldwide. Over 1000 people per year enter our programs from all over the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and at least 25 other countries. The Core Essentials Program and Advanced Coaching Program offers individuals who wish to become professional coaches all the skills, materials, and resources they need to become competent and successful coaches. The programs together provide:

  • 56 modules of Teleclass training in the skills and core competencies of professional coaching.
  • 175 program hours specifically designed to enable participants to develop strong and profitable coaching practices.

You can train to become a coach from the convenience of your home or office. All our training is provided on weekly group conference calls, called Teleclasses. All you need is a telephone, internet access, and a strong desire to master the craft of coaching. Our Teleclasses are led by Coach U Trainers who are successful coaches and leaders in the coaching industry.
Coach U training will enable you to confidently begin your journey into the very rewarding and fulfilling field of professional coaching. Contact us today for more information or to answer your questions about coaching. Our number is 800-48COACH or visit our web site

Corporate Coach U
Corporate Coach U (CCU) was founded in 1997 and is the leading global provider of customized corporate coach training and corporate coaching services. We assist decision-makers, on all levels, to develop coaching competencies as part of an integrated strategy to increase results by optimizing the potential of individuals in the organization.

CCU and its related divisions have trained over 4000 coaches in over 36 countries throughout the world. We develop cutting-edge coach education, products, customized coaching services and coaching services. The virtual nature of our delivery model makes our services time efficient and removes geographical boundaries.

The Core Essentials Program and the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program provides coaches, consultants, and trainers the opportunity to develop managerial expertise in enhancing human potential and accelerating innovation. The programs together provide:

  • 56 modules of  Teleclass training in the principles and skills of coaching in the business environment.
  • 175 program hours specifically designed for internal and external leaders.

In addition, Corporate Coach U offers The Coaching ClinicŪ Licensing Program for individuals and organizations wishing to have a tangible coach-training product to deliver to managers and leaders. This program is recognized by the International Coach Federation as a Continuing Coaching Education program.

For more information, please call 800-48-COACH or visit our website .