People are happiest and most successful in life and work when they make maximum use of their abilities. If you study or work in an environment that matches your natural talents, the chances of achieving success and of enjoying work increase markedly. Your true journey of self-discovery starts with The Highlands Company.

The Highlands Whole Person Method is a four-step program.

  1. The high-tech Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)
  2. 30+ pages of reports that are packed full of insights into how you are hardwired and recommendations for possible career fits
  3. A high-touch debrief with your Highlands Certified Consultant who is trained to interpret your reports and help you get the most out of the data
  4. An understanding of the Highlands Whole Person Model that brings the HAB to life.

Your HAB results are applicable to every age and stage of life. Because it measures abilities through direct and objective worksamples - not through self-reporting - the HAB reveals how you are hardwired to learn, communicate, solve problems, and make decisions. Take the assessment once and you invest in your career from this point forward.

Find a Highlands Certified Consultant at and begin your journey of self-discovery.