Stories - Testimonials


As a personal career coach, my clients come to me looking for help with finding satisfaction in their careers. Many of them have “fallen” into certain industries or lines of work simply because it was what was available to them upon college graduation. After experiencing some level of success and working for 5-15 years, something in them awakens and starts to need more satisfaction from their work. At this point, they call me to help them uncover their true abilities and passions. I invariably recommend starting their personal search for self-knowledge with THAB (The Highlands Ability Battery).

Deidre Dufour, VIP Consulting, Cambridge, MA


I was introduced to Highlands by a friend and pursued the testing for my son who was a Junior in college. At the time, I told my son how much I would love to be able to do this for my coaching clients. As fate would have it, I was in the first pilot  training program for coaches and have been using Highlands ever since. In fact, I am so enthusiastic about it and how much it helps my clients that I have begun to shape my coaching practice around it. My personal vision is to see everyone maximize his and her talents. Highlands helps me realize that vision.


Sue Seel, Personal & Professional Potential, Stony Brook, NY

Over the years I’ve experienced many tools to help me choose my optimum career. Until now, none of them has given me clear enough information that would carry me well into the career. I would start out enjoying my work but then reach a point of total dissatisfaction. When I took the Highlands Ability Battery it was as though someone who really knew me had looked inside to see what was driving me. They were able to translate what I was experiencing into words that made the picture clear. What they were seeing was the fire inside me and what fed the fire and what suffocated it.

In the Highlands report and feedback session I learned what activities at work stoked the fire within me. When I used my driving abilities I was excited, charged and challenged by my work. As positions changed, I no longer had an outlet for my driving abilities. I became frustrated with the work and no longer enjoyed the career. I realize now that it wasn’t about the position or the company. It was about having natural ability burning to be used but not having an outlet for that energy.

I was so excited about what I had learned about myself that I decided to share this information with others through my coaching practice. I have since trained to provide the Highlands Ability Battery and use the tool with my Career Transition Clients and young adults who are choosing a career path.

                        Mel Rosche, New Day, New Direction, Towson. MD