Introduction / History 

The Highlands Company has transformed careers since 1992 thanks to the work of their 300+ certified consultants around the globe. Consultants are trained in the Highlands Whole Person Method, which is a four-step program that empowers students, adults and leaders to uncover their natural abilities and apply those abilities to life, or what we call the "Highlands Whole Person Model".

It's the method and the model that set Highlands apart from other career assessment publishers.

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the first step in the method and is an objective online assessment tool that descended from the pioneering work of Johnson O'Connor, a research psychologist who devoted his life to the assessment and interpretation of natural human abilities. O'Connor developed a series of tests measuring basic aptitudes - ability with numbers and symbols; color perception; inductive reasoning; analytical reasoning; idea flow; numerical aptitude; structural visualization; musical aptitude; manual dexterity and various components of memory. O'Connor established that these abilities are hardwired in each individual and can be measured effectively through timed tasks.

The HAB is taken online and can be completed in approximately three hours. The results are consolidated in more than thirty pages of reports that are interpreted by a Highlands Certified Consultant. The results enable you to understand better how you learn, communicate, solve problems, make decisions, and interrelate with others.

The HAB is used by high school and college students who are exploring careers, adults who are exploring or changing careers, leaders and other professionals looking for professional development, and organizations that emphasize professional and team development to enhance, maintain, and manage talent.

The cost of the HAB and debrief with a consultant ranges from $400-$600.. You can search consultants near you at highlandsco.com. If you are a licensed coach, consider applying for Highlands Certification at highlandsco.com/become-a-consultant.