Introduction - History/Validation

The DISC profile system has its roots in time-tested and proven theories dating back to the Swiss Psychologist Dr. Carl Jung and William Marston Ph.D. from Harvard University. Both of these renowned scientists were creating their theories in the 1920's. Their work branched into different specialties (Jung studied dysfunctional personalities while Marston focused on the behavior of normal people). DISC has followed Marston's model supported by his famous book, 'The Emotions of Normal People', a best-selling classic for many years.

Validated accuracy is 91% - the DISC is as high as any assessment of this type in the world! For more than twenty years, it has unlocked the door to productive communication and relationships for over 4 million people, worldwide. Extensive research and international validation studies are available upon request.

TTI Performance Systems is a research-based, problem-solving company specializing in the resolution of issues related to performance challenges through the use of the DISC instrument. Their mission is to help businesses, organizations and coaches to effectively manage the constantly changing needs of their most valuable asset - people! The belief - 'the self-actualized person is the most successful person'.

Coaches find the DISC Style Analysis as the ideal tool to accelerate the coaching process, identify the strengths and soft-spots of the client and to rapidly assist the client in developing strategies based on the information in the DISC report.