Case Studies

1. 3D Groupís Leadership Navigator for Corporate Leaders helps executives focus on key development priorities.

The Vice President of Human Resources for a medium-sized US company wished to provide his leadership team with 360-degree feedback, but lacked the time and resources to design, manage, and follow-up on a custom-tailored process.

3D Groupís "turnkey" approach and quick start up of their Leadership Navigator for Corporate Leaders allowed the CEO and other senior officers to complete the 360-degree feedback process immediately.  The VP of Human Resources simply filled in a participant template provided by 3D Group.  The 360-Degree team at 3D Group distributed surveys; processed the data; monitored progress in the program; and generated and emailed each personalized feedback report.  Following this successful program, the company's leaders who were one step below the executive level also participated in the 360-degree feedback process.

The top 30 leaders in the organization received 360-degree feedback, coaching, and development planning over a six-month period.  3D Groupís management of the process has allowed the VP of Human Resources to focus on coaching, development, and succession planning rather than on the administration and technical details of the program.

2. 3D Groupís Leadership Navigator for Senior Executives helps company to transition from M&A to consolidation strategy.

The Compensation & Benefits Committee of a mid-sized company needed to decide whether or not to renew the CEOís contract.  The CEO had been highly successful in leading the company to record profits through several mergers and acquisitions over a long tenure.  Although the financial performance of the firm was unquestioned, the board wanted an objective assessment of the CEOís management skills.

Using its 360-degree feedback for senior executives process, 3D Group interviewed all of the CEOís direct reports, the entire board, and the CEO himself about his performance.  In addition, standardized surveys focusing on a core set of 12 management competencies were sent to each of the interviewees and to six external vendors who worked closely with the CEO.  Using these varied sources of data, a 3D Group consultant developed a thorough analysis of the CEOís strengths and development needs and presented it in written form to both the committee and the CEO himself.

The board and the CEO both came to the realization that although the CEO had advanced the company to a new level financially, a new CEO with a different skill set was required to consolidate the acquisitions the company had made.  A transitional CEO was appointed. The board and CEO worked together to develop a one-year plan that enabled the CEO to work as a consultant to the transitional leader.

"My clients appreciated the fact that the content of the Leadership Navigator was straight-forward and reflected essential management and organizational issues without the overuse of unnecessary abstract concepts found in many 360's on the market today."

Daniel Glaze
Glaze & Associates

"3D Group's Leadership Navigator for Senior Executives is a great tool for assessing CEO performance with pinpoint accuracy."

Steve Fountain
Chairman of the Board
NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company

"Thank you for your wonderful service, commitment to quality and schedule, as well as your flexibility!"

Carol Curoe
Senior Director, Learning & Development
Select Comfort

"I just completed the Rater List process . . . great job! This is very user friendly, and I like the fact that it asks you to print your rater list before you sign off." 

360-Degree Feedback Participant

"3D Group has provided us excellent service during our multi-source feedback process.  They were very flexible and responsive to our needs.  They did an excellent job of working with us to produce a high quality process."  

Margaret Koenigs
Assistant VP, Human Resources
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago