360 Degree Performance Assessments

3D Group’s Leadership Navigator Series of 360-degree feedback surveys lets you select from a suite of pre-validated, ready-to-use surveys for three leadership roles.  The surveys are user-friendly with clear, behavioral, and job-relevant questions that provide useful feedback for action-oriented behavior change.  Each feedback recipient can be rated by up to 33 people on-line or via paper survey and reports can be provided in paper or electronic formats.

3 Role-Specific Surveys
3D Group's Leadership Navigator Series lets you select standardized, ready-to-use surveys for 3 leadership levels:

Senior Executives (e.g., CEO)
Executives (e.g., VP)
Corporate Leaders

Assessment Development

Senior Executive and Executive Surveys
Perhaps more than any other role, top-level executives have a difficult time getting honest, in-depth and actionable feedback from co-workers.  3D Group’s Leadership Navigator for Senior Executives is designed to provide “C” level leaders (e.g., CEO) with the feedback they need to keep their organization on the road to success.  The Leadership Navigator for Executives is a role-specific survey for employees above the middle-management level, but below the level of Chief Officers.
Both of the executive level surveys provide for in-depth feedback on critical aspects of a leader’s workplace behavior.  Two classes of competencies are covered: skill areas related to typical initiatives and duties performed by senior leaders (Organizational Leadership) and those related to managing and interacting with colleagues (Leading People).  This two-factor approach is based in part on extensive leadership research that identifies two distinct dimensions of leadership: initiating structure behaviors and consideration behaviors.  We have expanded somewhat the construct of Initiating Structure to “Organizational Leadership” which focuses on organization-wide issues such as Mission, Strategy, and Negotiating on behalf of the company.  On the other hand, Consideration behaviors, or “Leading People” competencies focus on meeting people’s needs.  Contrasted with other leadership theories, this theory proposes that “task” and “people” dimensions are distinct concepts, rather than opposite ends of the same continuum.  As such, typical leaders rarely perform well on both dimensions – suggesting significant opportunities for development.

Because both the Executive and Senior Executive surveys use the same two-factor structure and the same competency labels, coaches and consultants have an opportunity to use these surveys to align executive teams using a common model.  Though the two surveys share a common underlying structure and competency labels, the Executive survey is distinct from the Senior Executive in that it does not include board members as a feedback source (as these interactions typically are limited to “C” level executives).  In addition, the approach to the Organizational Leadership competencies reflects the subtle difference between CEO and Vice President roles whereby the CEO’s tends to do more formulating rather than implementing strategies, initiatives, and directives.

Scoring.  The two executive-level surveys use a performance-oriented four-point rating scale designed to reflect the high degree of responsibility associated with this type of position.  The scale contains an explicit criteria for successful performance such that a “3” rating reflects “meets expectations” and ratings below a 3 suggest clear need for improvement.  Using this type of anchor provides an explicit standard for acceptable performance on each behavior.

Corporate Leader Survey
Development of the Leadership Navigator for Corporate Leaders was based on a job analysis of a corporate middle manager role for a Fortune 100 multi-national corporation.  Although various managerial positions across the organization differed in their typical job duties and responsibilities, a great deal of commonality was found for the skills and behaviors required across particular leadership roles.  Additional analyses involved examining organizational charts and interviewing executives.  Finally, critical incident meetings were held and documented, and upper level leaders were consulted for approval of the final model. 

The final competency model represents valued workplace behaviors grouped into four primary areas.  Communication Skills and Integrity represent the two distinct core factors of workplace behavior for leaders.  Next, the “work process” area includes the competencies Results Orientation, Business Focus, and Customer Focus.  The fourth area represents key interpersonal behaviors, including Inclusiveness, Developing Talent, and Team Leadership.  Taken together, these competencies represent the most important behavioral requirements of a manager in an office-based role.

National Norms.  Norms, or average item and scale ratings for a national sample of leaders, provide a useful reference point for individuals processing their feedback reports.  The 316 leaders included in the norms sample for the Leadership Navigator for Corporate Leaders work in a wide variety of managerial roles covering 15 functional areas. 

Competency scale reliabilities (Cronbach’s Alpha) for all three assessments exceed .70 – well within the acceptable range for this type of assessment. 


Standard Package: (up to 33 raters per feedback recipient, Internet surveys, electronic report)
$245 per electronic 360-degree feedback report (single report cohort fees may apply).

Materials Included:
As a CoachInc.com member, when you purchase your first 360-degree assessment from 3D Group, you will receive the following materials and services in support of your using Leadership Navigator surveys:

  •  1 copy of 3D Group’s 360-degree feedback administrator’s guide
  •  1 electronic copy of 3D Group’s feedback report interpretation guide for use with feedback recipients
  •  Full-length sample reports for each survey
  •  50% discount on 3D Group’s latest 360-degree feedback benchmarking study [description]
  •  2 technical reports describing 3D Group’s assessment development process and norms for the Executive and Corporate Leader surveys
  •  1 Research briefing regarding the use of open-ended comments in 360-degree feedback

Optional Added Features:
                                                                   Per Feedback Recipient
         Paper survey data collection                      $50
         Printed report (black & white)                     $15
         Color printed, bound report                         $40


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